Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

Munster Drone Services offers a drone based detailed inspection and data management service. Our skilled pilots along with technology is evolving and making many jobs much easier and more effective. Turbine blade inspections via drone is one of the many ways in which we can potentially save a company money in the long run. We carry out extremely detailed blade inspections for many turbine companies as a preventative maintenance procedure and identification of any issues. There are several benefits to carrying out such works on a blade:


  1. Identify small defects that may grow into a much bigger defect and create issues in the long run. Blade repairs can be prioritised to ensure most serious defects are repaired first.

  2. Ensure the service agreement is being met by the outside maintenance contractor.

  3. This data can also identify what service agreement is required when up for renewal i.e., Leading edge erosion can be monitored year on year.
  4. Downtime of the turbine is less than 1 hour which results in massive cost savings compared to traditional rope access inspections/hoist.
  5. . In the event of a suspected issue we can visit the site in a matter of days and produce a detailed report on our findings.

Munster Drone Services drone inspection solution delivers a detailed close visual inspection which allows the client to access hard to reach areas that would otherwise require hoists, cranes, scaffolding or rope access which is both costly and extremely dangerous.


Picture 1

Sample report