Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

Munster Drone Services offers wind turbine blade inspections and data management service. Our skilled pilots along with technology is evolving and making many tasks much more efficiently and cost effectively. Wind Turbine blade inspections via drone is one of the many ways in which we can potentially save a company money in the long run. We carry out extremely detailed blade inspections for many turbine companies as a preventative maintenance procedure and identification of any issues. Both internal and external blade inspections can be completed.

increase efficiency

enchance safety

reduce downtime

lower costs

Our company uses the most advanced wind turbine inspection UAV technology to conduct blade inspections. Our go-to machines for this task are the DJI M300 or M350 equipped with the H20T and P1 payloads or DJI M30, which has similar capabilities. The Elios 3 is used for internal blade inspections. We capture high quality, allowing us to deliver precise and reliable reports to our clients.

Why Munster Drone Services?

Our Integrated technology and service approach is able to reduce the number of interfaces involved and eliminate redundant layers of communication and cost.

We offer a fixed price per turbine that includes travel, overnight accommodation, stand down charges, weather delays, and other associated costs. This approach simplifies the budgeting process for your project, and there are no hidden fees or charges.

Our team has inspected over 2,000 wind turbines across Ireland and the UK. We have a team of drone pilots, skilled blade engineers and analysts to collect and analyse data. Our AI solution enables quick turnaround times and automated flagging of important images. All AI data and findings is verified by a team of engineers.

We manage all key elements from scheduling, monitoring weather, collecting airspace authorisations, data capture, analysis and constant technical support while
remaining effective and flexible.

Our ecosystem streamlines the process from data capture to analysis and enables highest quality data on a repeatable level.


Scope of work

Work and price is agreed with project manager, a scope of work is devised and the project progresses to the planning stage. 


Required documentation is supplied and completed along with any site inductions. The project will be planned in conjunction with the client and our team.

Field Operations

Our certified pilots will capture high quality data with the latest equipment for the best results.

Post Processing & delivery

The data will be processed and delivered in line with the clients requirements. Certified reporting is available.

Munster Drone Services offers a complete package from project management to field operations and reporting services. Our inspection reports can be viewed via a customised portal or integrated with your companies asset management software.

defects that we can identify

Optimizing Your Operations and Maintenance through Multiple Condition Measurements

Leading edge erosion

Lighting strike damage



impact damage


Our Equipment

Our team utilizes state-of-the-art DJI enterprise-level inspection drones to conduct safe and efficient examinations of high-value assets. These drones are equipped with advanced, stabilized high-resolution cameras featuring optical zoom capabilities. The Elios 3 is used to carry out internal blade inspections. 


DJI Matrice 350 RTK:

  • 20 MP Camera 
  • Withstands up to 12m/s wind speeds
  • 55 minute flight time
DJI M350