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  • 75cm Drone Landing Pad for DJI Drone


    Two-sided Landing Pad suitable for all drones.

    Convenient to carry,

  • CZI M130 Speaker

    CZI MP130 V2 Speaker

    Price on application

    The MP130 V2 is a Long-Range Acoustic Device(LRAD) for s, with ultra-high sound pressure to clearly transmit voice to distant locations, with an effective range of up to 500 meters. With the second generation of the drone digital voice broadcasting system, it combines DJI PSDK links to ensure voice broadcasting anytime and anywhere. The MP130 V2 has strong sound penetration,and its small, lightweight has low power consumption, and has excellent magnetic shielding performance, developed for drone industry applications. With the DJI Skyport V2.0 interface, it is seamlessly compatible with DJI Matrix M200 V2/M300 series flight platforms.

    Discover the M130 loudspeaker for the DJI Matrice Series.

  • CZI M140 Speaker

    CZI M140 Speaker for DJI Matrice Series

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    CZI MP140 is a special drone Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), the highest sound volume can reach 140dB, the farthest sound reaching more than 1000 meters, in the effective coverage area, it sounds clear to the object of broadcasting. With strong penetration, it can effectively transmit voice information to the target, can carry out a wide range of aerial broadcast announcements, suitable for large-scale exercises, rescue scenarios broadcast command, and dispatch. With strong sound disperse mode, it can be used for strong sound expulsion in mass events and strong sound bird disperses in airports and other scenes. The MP140 comes standard with a built-in 3-axis anti-shake micro gimbal camera, with no need for a separate gimbal camera when performing broadcast missions and effectively increasing the operational endurance of the drone. With the DJI Skyport V2.0 interface, it is seamlessly compatible with the DJI Matrix M350RTK series flight platform. It adopts into quick-release adapter ring, which can be docked to other brands of drones on the market with a pay load capac it y greater than 2.7KG. It can be widely used in law enforcement/firefighting/emergency management etc.

  • CZI GL300

    CZI GL300 High Power Gimbal Searchlight

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    CZI GL300 high power gimbal searchlight can support the tethering power system to use, together with the hovering UAV to a fixed point and provide ultra-long time stable lighting illumination. Power up to 300W, luminous flux exceeds 20,000 lumens. The product is with optical lens groups, from 45 degrees to project a clearer and brighter beam, to meet the needs of a large area of emergency lighting needs. Equipped with a three-axis gimbal, irradiation angle adjustment is more flexible, it can project intensity lighting to the target location away from the crowd at a safe distance. GL300 is with CZI standardized quick release interface and can be adapted to all kinds of industry UAVs. It can directly take power from the UAV to meet short time light illumination for emergency search and rescue needs. With its portable fit size and strong light flash mode, it meets rapid field deployment for emergency search and rescue, law enforcement, firefight, and power grid use for night operations.

  • CZI GL10

    CZI GL10

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    CZI GL10: 30W steerable spotlight, 12.5° beam up to 100m. Ideal for drones, it offers 2-axis stabilization and AI technology for auto-centering of the beam. Compatible with DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise. Integrated flashing lights for identification and deterrence.

  • CZI IR10

    CZI IR10 Infrared Zoom Spotlight

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    The IR10 infrared Zoom Spotlight, using the latest laser fiber generator. The light power up to 12W. With 70 times optical zoom, infrared fill-in light to long distance, use together with IR mode DJI H20N/H20T, it can be a clear fill-in light. The infrared light is undetectable to the human eyes. It can achieve ultra-visible distance for stealth surveillance. The 940nm version is nearly IR exposure free, suitable for stealth surveillance. The IR10 can be directly mounted on DJI Matrix M200 V2, M300 RTK via DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface, providing users in the fields of reconnaissance, search and rescue, and inspection with insight beyond visual darkness.

  • CZI GL60

    CZI GL60 Plus Gimbal Searchlight

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    Gimbal Searchlight

    CZI  GL60 Plus Gimbal Searchlight has 4 groups of optical imaging components, each group consists of 4 lenses, which apply to emit a sharp pillar of light at an angle of only 15 degrees, with brightness and color consistency. The illumination value of 100m spot center is up to 24lux at 120w. At 150m illumination height, the effective illumination area is up to 1225 square meters, which greatly elevates the aerial illumination effect of drone night operation. The overall ultra-lightweight design of GL60 Plus, weighs only 750 grams, and the rated power is up to 120W. The DJISkyPortV2.0 interface makes it compatible with DJI M200V2, M300RTK, and other series of drones, which can meet the needs of law enforcement, firefight, search and rescue night ops and power grid line check patrol, and other enterprise night operations.

  • CZI LP12

    CZI LP12 Searchlight & Broadcasting System

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    LP12 Searchlight & Broadcasting System

    The CZI LP12 is a searchlight and broadcasting integrated payload designed specifically for the DJI M30 enterprise drone model. With its streamline design, it pushes the limits of product performance while taking characterized appearance into account, and effectively reduces wind resistance and improves the duration of flight. The LP12 is the most efficient lighting and broadcasting payload product of czi so far, combining the imaging optics of the Gimbal Light Series, with the LRAD long distance broadcasting technology of the Mega Phone Series, extremely light weight and small size. Weighing only 270g, it has an effective illumination distance up to 100m and an effective broadcasting distance of 200m, which can meet the operational needs of security patrols and outdoor search and rescue scenarios. The LP12 is deeply integrated with the DJI Pilot APP, allowing quick access to all broadcast and light functions, making it more convenient to operate.

    • One devices two functions Small and powerful.

    • Broadcasting and lighting two-in-one design, Weigh only 270g, Lightweight, long duration of flight.