One-to-One DJI Product Flight Training


Munster Drone Services are now offering one-to-one DJI drone product training for beginners and intermediate level drone pilots who want to improve their drone flying skills and DJI product knowledge. For our introductory price of just €150 per person you will receive 2 hours drone flying training from EASA approved operators. This training will cover everything you need to know to safely and confidently operate a DJI drone as well as useful hints and tips to optimize your flying experience. Training is available for both DJI Enterprise and DJI Consumer drones.

Location: Munster Drone Services, Millstreet, Co.Cork. (P51D328)

To book your one-to-one training click here.

one to one training

Instructor Backgrounds

Our instructors are highly experienced drone pilots who have gained a high level of product knowledge from working in the industry and years of flying drones. 


Shane O'Leary

EASA A1, A2, A3 and specific category

drone pilot

Shane started flying drones as a hobby which eventually led to him establishing Munster Drone Services and flying drones for a living. The work he has carried out is primarily aerial photography, cinematography, video production, inspections, surveys, mapping and time lapse cameras.

Marks 1 scaled

marks pavlovskis

EASA A1, A2, A3 and specific category

drone pilot

Marks is an experienced drone pilot who also enjoys flying FPV drones in his spare time. Marks has used drones to complete survey and inspection work and also has a lot of experience in aerial photography and videography.

Certificate of Attendance

Please note that this is not official EASA training and you will not receive an official qualification upon completion of this training. However you will be issued with a certificate of attendance which will show that you have completed DJI drone flight training with EASA approved operators.