We have many packages to suit your needs.

Munster Drone Services offers a wide range of services for the construction sector including aerial photography, videography, inspections, mapping services, progression videography and much more. We have many packages to suit your needs.

Aerial Works

Aerial photography, videography and progression videos are a great way to show your work to you clients from a unique perspective. We can carry out aerial works throughout the project and capture the perfect shots to showcase to your clients. We can combine these images/videos together to showcase your project in a progression video. This imagery can be uploaded to your website or social media page and used for advertising. This enhances the quality of your work and is a great marketing tool. Voiceovers and company branding can also be included on all aerial footage.

Site Inspections

Unstable structures or poor accessibility is becoming a huge issue in the construction sector for the safety of Engineers carrying out inspections/reports. We offer one of the most cost effective and safe solutions. Using our high definition 4k cameras, we can capture some very detailed video inspections. Our clients can view in live stream as we operate the drone around a given subject. We can also capture images when required by our client at no extra cost.


We offer mapping services to the construction sector, which include producing a highly detailed map, with accurate data such as volumetric measurements of buildings, stock piles, calculations of area such as the acreage of a site, elevation of a site, dimensional measurements of a building or structure. 3D models of any property or buildings can also be produced upon request by the client.