Ensure your property is marketed to its full potential Services for Auctioneers

Munster Drone Services offers a wide range of services for Auctioneers. We offer anything from as simple as an aerial photograph of a property to a full promotional video which may include a voiceover describing the property, your company logo, details of the property and outlines of the boundaries. With technology now advancing rapidly it is much easier, more cost effective and very affordable to get the perfect shots to ensure the property is marketed to its full potential. Aerial footage is also a great way to ensure you have a competitive edge within the auctioneering sector. Our fully trained, licensed and insured pilots which will ensure your work is carried out in a safe manner.

Aerial Photography Offer Clients a Unique Perspective

Your clients can now view a property in a unique perspective before visiting. This reduces the amount of wasted viewings and saves valuable time for you as an auctioneer visiting properties with clients. The aerial shots show the neighbourhood and surrounding area providing the client with a sense of proximity to local amenities. Low elevated shots give a unique and slightly raised angle of the property that typical property photography cannot. Making use of the most advanced technology ensures we capture the best possible imagery. We can record up to 4k video footage and 20MP Photographs. We cater for indoor photography too which also saves you the time and stress of capturing professional images of the property. The cost of aerial photography which was previously done by a plane or helicopter is now diminished by the cost of aerial works by a drone.