Measurements are within +/-5cm.


Reports of crop growth, elevation of ground, acreage and much more.

no tools required

No levelling or measurement tools required. Just a map of the property.

inaccessible areas

Difficult and hostile areas are not an issue.

Munster Drone Services offers a wide range of services for the Agricultual sector. These can range from an aerial survey of forestry, bog land or tillage to mapping out farm boundaries, acreage etc.

These can be of great benefit to the farmer for grant applications or any farming or forestry bodies. High dimension accuracy is achieved by using highly intelligent mapping software packages and high definition cameras.


Hostile and difficult locations or poor land is not easy to map accurately as there are many obstacles to overcome. We offer a cost effective and affordable solution using drone technology. Our mapping services aren’t just outlines with dimensional measurements. Our maps are similar to Google maps (photo map) and details such as passages, roadways, boundaries, drains, streams are clearly evident.

Accurate mapping services helps when explaining to contractors about any works to be carried out. Accurate field acreage can be obtained to ensure contractors are charging a fair price. If you have recently completed drainage works, our mapping services will identify all drainage works carried out for future records. We offer large map printing up to A1 paper size. All maps are laminated to ensure they do not get damaged or stained over time. Maps can be sent to you the client digitally, showing great detail when focusing on a specific area.


Aerial Surveying is the quickest, easiest and most accurate surveying available for the agricultural sector. The scale of storm damage, poor crop growth, lack of irrigation and many other issues can be identified by using high definition, drone technology & software packages. All these issues are difficult to identify with the naked eye. Crops can be surveyed on a weekly, monthly or annual basis to identify crop growth, failure or changes in the crops revealing troubled areas. This maximises efficiency in crop management.

Land Boundary Disputes

Land boundary disputes is a major problem in Ireland especially when a property is being put on the market or has to be split for various reasons can cause major issues within families. These issues can end up costing more than what the value of the ground may be. We offer high quality aerial photography and accurate mapping services can often prevent land boundary disputes escalating and huge costs arising due to the involvement of legal teams, and courts. Munster Drone Services captures highly accurate data to produce maps. We then overlay our maps with the land registry maps to identify the correct/corrected boundary. Then a direct comparison can be made between the existing boundary feature and the Land Registry’s red line. Aerial images can be supplied as a standalone if required. Our Mapping /Survey services can save you and your neighbours thousands.