Value for Money

With complete packages starting from as little as €500.

All in one

We provide aerial imagery, promo videos and internal 360° virtual tours.

Marketing Tool

A great way to gain a competitive edge with a unique perspective when advertising.


Offer your potential customers reassurance with professional imagery before placing bookings.


Munster Drone Services offers a wide range of services for the tourism sector in Ireland such as aerial photography, videography and promotional videos. Ireland is renowned for the famous countryside and scenery it has to offer. We can capture any of these images using high defintion camera equipment. We also cover everything from hostels to Hotels.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography increases the visual appeal to the customer. Low elevated shots greatly enhance the details of the selected picture. Your logo and branding can be included in any requested images. These images can also be used for brochures, flyers or any other form of advertising and marketing.

Aerial Videography/Promo Videos

Aerial videography is a great marketing tool in the tourism industry. Munster Drone Services offers the complete package from capturing aerial videos, internal videos and creating promotional videos to help market your services to clients across the globe on your website. High quality aerial/ground imagery is a great way to showcase any resort/residence/locality and outdoor amenity. Customers like to view what they are paying for before they book.

360 Virtual Tours

Munster drone services offers a great range of 360° virtual tour packages for the tourism industry by capturing high quality images. We use the latest equipment along with up to date software. This offers vistors unparalled access to any location, business or property providing accurate, real details. Our fully interactive tours allow the client to move from room to room or from location to location outdoors. We even carry out 360° virtual tours with the drone, which will give the best quality depiction of any location.

A 360° virtual tour is a great marketing tool and enhances any website advertising and content.