Insurance & Inspection

Speedy Service

In the event of an incident, we can be with you in a short period of time.


We ensure maximum quality by using 4K video & 20mp images.

Trusted Service

We ensure imagery captured is kept confidential within parties involved.


Safety is our number one priority & all our team carry a safe pass



Munster Drone services offer a speedy, cost effective service for insurance related issues. We can perform a high definition inspection using 4K video and Engineer reports can be drawn up outlining structural damage. We also carry out aerial surveys on behalf of private, commercial and insurance bodies. This is a one stop shop for all your insurance issues.


Access to unstable and damaged structures is now becoming a huge issue for the Insurance sector due to Health & Safety regulations. Munster Drone Services offers a cost effective and safe solution to this. By using 4K video cameras we carry out highly detailed inspections while remaining safe. Clients can view the subject in livestream  while we operate the drone around the subject giving instant results which speeds up the insurance claim process.

We collaborate fully with either clients or Insurance assessors in insurance related issues.


We can provide visual evidence to support insurance surveys which may include unusual and complex risks. e.g The proximity of a river to properties at risk of flooding.

In the event of a large scale incident we are available to carry out immediate insurance surveys and assess any immediate and future risks to people, businesses and structures.